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Our Commitment to You

Our top goal is to help you achieve a quick and seamless sale. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process, working within your timeline and your unique situation. We pay cash and can close quickly, sometimes in as little as 10 days. You will avoid paying realtor fees, closing fees, and the hassles that go along with preparing your property for the market. If you or anyone you know is looking for someone to buy their property, reach out to us today.


Through no fault of your own, you may be facing one of the greatest challenges of your life — preventing your property from being foreclosed upon.

Why let the bank take your most valued asset and leave you with nothing? Fortunately, alternatives exist.  We are here to help. We will work diligently to understand your situation and come up with a no obligation custom-tailored solution.  Start the process here.


If you are an owner of a vacant property you’re most likely feeling the pain with every mortgage payment, insurance premium, and tax bill. 

Vacant properties are at risk for vandalism, vagrancy and dilapidation. In addition, many insurance companies cancel policies due to the additional risks posed by vacant properties.

We provide honest and straightforward home sale solutions. Contact us.



Divorce is emotional, so we want to keep the sale of your property as uncomplicated as possible. Ursini & Company can assist in alleviating the stress of selling a property during a divorce.

In a time of difficulty, Ursini & Company can provide you with numerous benefits. By working with us, you will avoid paying realtor and closing fees. Plus, we eliminate the hassles that go along with listing your property and waiting for it to sell. Learn more.



Selling your property can be time-consuming, especially when it is in need of repairs. For property owners who would prefer to skip this process entirely, we have created an opportunity for a simple sale. 

No matter the situation or the condition of the property, if you would like to sell, we will consider buying. We work with your timeline and your unique situation, plus we pay all your closing costs. We operate with integrity and transparency. Contact us at any time to learn more.


While houses are attractive to buyers, vacant land can be difficult to sell. Some land owners find it nearly impossible to receive an offer on a piece of land. 

There are many reasons one might decide to sell vacant land. Owners may no longer have a need for it or find the property taxes a burden. Whatever the reason, learn more about how we help property owners sell their land fast.  



Selling a commercial property can be a cumbersome process and can take months to years with a traditional commercial broker. Whether it be a storefront, restaurant, or shopping center, Ursini & Company can provide you with a simple solution. Tell us more about your commercial property here. 



Moving a family member into an assisted living facility or losing a loved one is a difficult situation. If you need to address their health care financial needs or feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for the property and all of the belongings, we can assist.  You take the items you want, and we take care of the rest. 

Begin the process here by providing us with some property details.