When Choosing an Agent, Are You Looking for the Cheapest Agent You Can Find?

Although there is no law stipulating a real estate commission, the typical commission rates percentage is dictated by the market standard in a particular area. When choosing an agent to represent you, cheaper is not always better. If an agent has multiple listings at 6%, and one at 5%, which property do you think will get more attention?

When hiring a real estate agent, it is a good idea to Interview agents from different real estate companies in your area. See what services they have to offer for the seller agent commission that they are charging. You may see a big difference between them.


What Does a Reduced Commission Say About Negotiating Skills?

A Realtor’s role is to look out for the best interest of their client, which means securing them the best possible price, whether it be negotiating a purchase or sale of a home.  When an Realtor easily caves at their own real estate agent commission, what does that say about how they will handle the negotiation of your home?


The Roles of a Real Estate Agent

I have seen posts by people that accuse Real Estate Agents of solely putting a property in the MLS then doing nothing else but waiting for it to sell. There may be some Realtors out there that perform in this manner, but they are not the norm of the industry. When you hire a Realtor, it entails much more than just inputting the property into the MLS.  Take a peek at The Duties of a Good Realtor. A Real Estate agents role extends far beyond just showing and listing properties.

The journey to home ownership can be a challenging process. It is not uncommon to hit some speed bumps along the way, which is why it make sense to have a real estate professional guide the way.


What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

When looking for a real estate agent to represent you, first, use the internet and research the prospective Realtor. An agent who has an Should you choose a realtor based on their commissiononline presence has much more leverage in successfully marketing your home and selling it for the best possible price. Second, choose an agent with good communication skills.  A lack of communication can leave you confused, resulting in unnecessary stress throughout the transaction. Third, make sure the Realtor provides factual information and not opinions.  Keep in mind, you are working with a legally binding document, and opinions do not fly in these situations. Finally, remember there are plenty of good, hardworking Realtors. Don’t let low commission real estate agents let you lose track of hiring the best agent out there.


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Should You Choose an Agent Based on Commission
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Should You Choose an Agent Based on Commission
When choosing an agent to represent you, cheaper is not always better. Learn what to look for in a real estate agent.
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