how to sell a home fast

The time it takes to sell a home varies from seller to seller. The hope of every homeowner who puts their property up for sale is that an approved buyer will come along quickly and the home will be sold in as little time as one week. In many cases, it doesn’t always work out this way, but there are things you can do to assure that your home sells quickly and for the best possible price. Follow our quick list of suggestions on things you can do to get your home sold fast.

Your Homes Value Will Determine a Quick Sale

The worth of your home is one of the crucial factors that will determine how quickly your home will sell. A home that is underpriced will sell quickly but leaves money on the table. A home priced too high will accumulate days on the market, and in the end, has an effect on the market value.

There are many advantages to knowing and understanding the value of your home. Home values fluctuate with the housing market, thus knowing what your home is worth at that time will enable you to observe if its value is increasing or decreasing. If you observe a steady decline in your home’s value– this will be a good time to start planning strategies aimed at increasing market value.

Determining your home’s market value requires more than just putting a price tag on it of what you think it should be.  Locate and research active, pending, withdrawn, expired, and sold comparable properties of similar square footage and age, within 1/2 mile to 1 mile to your property.

Active listings should not be used to determine market value.  Active listings are nothing more than your competition, and you always want to look better than your competition.

Sold listings are one of the best sources to determine your home’s worth. Locating sold listings may prove to be difficult for a homeowner, but if you are using the services of a real estate agent, they will have access to this information.

Withdrawn listings could be an indication that the property was listed too high.  

Expired listings could be an indication that the property was listed too high.

A well-priced home will sell quickly in today’s market; and every buyer will be looking for value when searching for a home to buy.

Ways to Go About Selling Your Home Fast

There are many ways to go about this. You can try to sell a home on your own by advertising your listing on the local real estate sites or you can engage the services of an experienced real estate agent in Florida to handle the sale of your home.

Many sellers choose the latter option because they figure why try out something they have little experience in? Real estate agents do this for a living, so their knowledge and experience will put them in the best position to secure a good offer on your property. This goes without saying, but make sure to use a reputable real estate agency for the sale of your home in Sarasota or elsewhere.

Does Landscaping Help Sell a Home?

Many surveys have proven that good landscaping makes a property more appealing and creates a good first impression. Keep in mind, that buyers take about 15 seconds to determine if the home is meant for them. If they pull into an unkept property, you may lose them before they even get out of the car. Attractive landscaping will entice buyers to view the inside of the home. 

A nice yard with green grass, trimmed bushes, fresh mulch, and colorful flowers will increase the chances of your home selling quickly for a good price. 

Open Houses – Yey or Ney?

This is one of the options real estate agents use to sell a house quickly. An open house is an open invitation to every prospective buyer who will come to your home on specific days to walk through the entire property. The aim is to give the buyers a first-hand look at the property and imagine it being theirs from a closer perspective. To accomplish this, remove personal photos and add the home-sweet-home smell by baking cookies just prior to the open house.

Open house affairs have been effective when it comes to selling a property.  If your agent holds an open house, there are a few items that you can prepare for them in advance such as cleaning or tidying up the home, removing valuables such as jewelry and putting away all prescription medicines.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home for a Quick Sale

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. Engaging the services of a contractor to address or repair all deferred maintenance on the property will go a long way in making your home more appealing to the buyer. Home buyers will frown upon items requiring repair on the property, thus it is better to make arrangements for these items to be fixed prior to putting your home on the market.

View our top 10 tips for increasing your home’s value.

Zillow Zestimates for Determining Market Value

The price you have decided to sell your home in Florida should be similar to the current prices of other homes in your area. If you price your home high, buyers will overlook it, and they will settle for other options. Find out the prevailing prices for properties similar to your home, and with this information, decide on a reasonable price. The best way to determine your home’s value is to hire a professional.

When doing comps, you will need to find similar sold comparable properties within the last 6 months. Real estate agents have access to the MLS, but sellers do not, so many will rely on sites such as Zillow. However, Zillow is not usually accurate.  The reason for this is because Zillow uses all the sales it can find and does not take into consideration the condition of the property and whether it was a distressed sale (foreclosure or short sale) or a trustee sale.  A trustee sale will show only the amount the bank was owed and not the market sale.  These items are all important when determining market value, and for this reason, I would not trust Zillow for determining your home’s value.  A great agent can assist in locating sold comps and determining market value.

You received an offer, now how long until it closes?

What happens after signing a contract on a house? Once you accept an offer on your home it can take anywhere from one week to 2 months. The time frame will depend on if it is a cash offer or a financed offer and how long it will take for contingencies in the contract to be met. Contingencies include items such as a home inspection,a bank appraisal, and a title search.  With financed transactions, it may take up to 60 days to close. With cash buyers, an appraisal is not required, and the inspection and title search could be performed in as little as one week, so there is potential to close the property soon after.  If there are problems with contingencies, the closing can be delayed. If the deal falls through, then the entire process starts over again.

There you have it, feel free to explore any of the tips you have just read, and always seek the counsel of a professional real estate agent in Florida.


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